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Vision & Learning

Did you know that success in the classroom begins with healthy vision?  Because more than 80% of a child’s learning happens through vision, an undiagnosed vision problem could impact learning and performance, reading, grades and self-esteem.  If you find that your child is struggling with reading and learning, there may be vision related learning problems contributing.   Please call our office to schedule your child’s thorough exam and evaluation.

  • Child becomes easily distracted
  • Avoids near tasks
  • Exaggerated head movements
  • Loses place and skips lines
  • Holds books too close, leans too close to computer screen
  • Rapidly fatigues when reading
  • Headaches with near work
  • Loses place often during reading
  • Frequently omits words, especially “small words”
  • Writes up or down hill
  • Needs finger or marker to keep place while reading
  • Has no voice inflection when reading
  • Makes errors in copying from whiteboard to paper on desk
  • Has emotional outbursts
  • Poor self-image
  • Shows aggressive behavior
  • Low comprehension
  • Poor concentration
  • Fails to complete assignments
  • Frustrated with school